Come and enjoy a delicious Gelato, or order it with your favorite flavours to delight your guests with sweet surprises at your next party or celebration

Chocolate / Cioccolato

Creamy, soft and sweet gelato made with cocoa, milk, cream and eggs.

Vanilla / Vaniglia

Thick and creamy gelato made with milk, cream and vanilla.

Stracciatella / Stracciatella

Milk based gelato filled with shavings of chocolate.

Gianduia / Gianduia

Hazelnut ice cream.

Mint Chocolate / Menta e cioccolato

Flavored with fresh mint and milk chocolate.

Pistachio / Pistacchio

Creamy and subtly sweet gelato made with pistachios, milk, cream and sugar.

Hazelnut / Nocciola

Classical Italian gelato made with chocolate-Hazelnut spread.

Coffee / Caffe’

Delicious Espresso coffee blended into a creamy gelato.

Brownie / Brownie

Chunks of fudgy brownies stirred into a vanilla gelato.

Tiramisu’ / Tiramisu

Elegant Italian gelato made with ladyfinger cookies, espresso coffee, mascarpone cheese, rum and cocoa.

Cheesecake / Alla Crema di Formaggio

Made with cream cheese, sour cream and vanilla.

Birthday cake / Birthday cake

Mix of vanilla ice cream with delicious colored sprinkles.

Strawberry / Fragola

Delicious frozen blend of pureed fresh strawberries, water and sugar.

Peach / Pesca

Tropical flavor of sweet peach puree, water and sugar.

Mango / Sorbetto al mango

Tropical flavor of sweet mango puree, water and sugar.

Lemon / Limone

Tropical flavor of lemon puree, water and sugar.

Raspberry / Lampone

Made with raspberry, sugar and milk.

Coconut / Cocco

Fresh coconut and cream of coconut into a vanilla gelato.

Banana / Banana

Made with perfectly ripes bananas, cream, milk and sugar

Salted caramel / Caramello salato

The combination of salty and sweet provides lush and luxurious texture.

Nutella / Nutella

Classical Italian gelato made with Nutella Cream.

Yogurt / Yogurt

Creamy yogurt into a vanilla gelato.

Chocolate chip / Cioccolato chip

Intense taste of bitter sweet chocolate made with dark cocoa to create a deep and smooth flavor

Oreo / Oreo

Crumbled Oreo cookies into a vanilla gelato.


Mint chocolate



Birthday cake


Mango sorbet

Lemon sorbet






Fior di latte

Kit kat


Italian cookie

Triple berry

Everybody loves gelato!