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Come and enjoy a delicious Gelato, or order it with your favorite flavours to delight your guests with sweet surprises at your next party or celebration

Fiordilatte / Flower of milk

Gelato with no flavor added. Intensely milky.

Vaniglia / Vanilla (no eggs)

Thick and creamy gelato made with milk, cream and vanilla.

Crema di vaniglia / Vanilla cream

Thick and creamy gelato made with milk, cream, eggs and vanilla.

Cioccolato / Chocolate

Creamy, soft and sweet gelato made with cocoa, milk, cream and eggs.

Pistacchio / Pistachio

Creamy and subtly sweet gelato made with pistachios, milk, cream and sugar.

Cioccolato fondente / Dark chocolate

Intense taste of bitter.sweet chocolate made with dark cocoa to create a deep and smooth flavor

Sorbetto alla Fragola / Strawberry sorbet

Delicious frozen blend of pureed fresh strawberries, water and sugar.

Sorbetto al mango / Mango sorbet

Tropical flavor of sweet mango puree, water and sugar.

Fragola / Strawberries and cream

Made with strawberries, sugar and milk.

Banana / Banana

Made with perfectly ripes bananas, cream, milk and sugar

Menta e cioccolato / Mint chocolate

Flavored with fresh mint and milk chocolate.

Caramello / Caramel

The combination of salty and sweet provides lush and luxurious texture.

Burro di arachidi e cioccolato / Chocolate peanut butter

Rich chocolate gelato infused with finest Peanut butter.

Tiramisu’ / Tiramisu

Elegant Italian gelato made with ladyfinger cookies, espresso coffee, mascarpone cheese, rum and cocoa.

Stracciatella / Stracciatella

Milk based gelato filled with shavings of chocolate.

Nutella / Chocolate-Hazelnut cream

Classical Italian gelato made with Nutella Cream, a chocolate-Hazelnut spread.

Crema e Biscotti / Cookies and Cream

Crumbled chocolate cookies into a vanilla gelato.

Alla Crema di Formaggio / Cheesecake

Made with cream cheese, sour cream and vanilla.

Torta al Cioccolato / Brownie

Chunks of fudgy brownies stirred into a vanilla gelato.

Caffe’ / Coffee

Delicious Espresso coffee blended into a creamy gelato.

Burro di Arachidi salato / Salted peanut butter

Made with Peanut Butter into a vanilla gelato.

Snickers / Snickers

Vanilla gelato, chocolate fudge, salty caramel, chopped peanuts and chunks of Snickers candy bar.

Cocco / Coconut

Fresh coconut and cream of coconut into a vanilla gelato.

Yogurt / Yogurt

Creamy yogurt into a vanilla gelato.

Formaggio, anacardi e caramello / Cheese, cashew and caramel

Goat cheese, cashew and caramel into a vanilla gelato.


Banana split

Fresh banana surrounds chocolate, strawberry and vanilla scoops covered with chocolate syrup, warm caramel, fresh strawberry topping and roasted pecans

Waffle of Rome

Waffle wedges layered with 3 scoops of your favourite ice cream flavors, chocolate and warm caramel, strawberries and almonds or roasted peanuts

Shakes, matts and floats

Made with any ice cream flavor


Double sundae:
Double scoops of the flavors and topping of your choice whipped cream and a cherry
• Regular sundae
• Kid’s sundae

Toppings & syrups

Additional topping on syrup:
• Peanut butter • Warm caramel • Hot fudge • Marshmallows • Strawberry • Chocolate • Sprinkles • M&m’s • Reese’s cup • Butterfinger • Cookie dough


Frozen dessert made from sugar sweetened water and fresh fruits
• Lemon
• Pineapple

Ice cream cake


Season fruits & fruit salads


Italian pastry


It is a coffee-flavoured italian dessert made of ladyfingers (savoiardi) dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa.

Cornetto con gelato

It is croissant with ice cream.

Cassata siciliana

Round sponge cake moistened with fruit juices or liqueur and layered with ricotta cheese and candied fruit.

Cannoli siciliani

Tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling containing ricota.


Folded puff pastry, filled with cream.

Roman pastry

Gelato con ricotta

Base of cow’s milk ricotta and sheep’s milk ricotta variegated with orange jam and candied orange.

Maritozzo con la panna

Sweet bun filled with cream.


Cake blind-baked and then filled with pastry cream topped with pieces of fresh fruit.

Bigne’ alla crema

Small puff pastry buns filled with custard or pastry cream.

French pastry


Small cakes made up of two discs of almond meringue and stuffed with soft fillings.


Choux pastry, the same used for the preparation of cream puffs, with an elongated shape with a crunchy shell that is filled with cream and glazed on the surface.

Saint honoré

Puff pastry base, topped with delicious puffs filled with cream or custard, while its interior is stuffed with a delicious custard lightened by meringue.


Donut-shaped choux pastry, filled with mousseline cream, made with custard, butter and hazelnut praline, and decorated with flakes of almonds and powdered sugar.

Tarte tatin

Inverted apple pie, in which apples are caramelized in butter and sugar before baking.


A cake with a rounded shape obtained by superimposing two puffs, one larger than the other, filled with custard, usually chocolate or coffee, and covered with a glaze of the same aroma as the cream used to fill them.

Gateau opera

Cake made up of layers of joconde biscuit, a very light biscuit made with almonds, powdered sugar, eggs, flour and meringue) alternated with layers of coffee cream and chocolate ganache, all covered with a dark chocolate glaze.


Made from two layers of pâte génoise soaked in kirsch syrup and stuffed with a soft cream and lots of strawberries.


Composed of three layers of crumbly puff pastry alternating with layers of custard. The top is usually glazed or alternatively dusted with powdered sugar.

Tarte au citron

Delicious tart with a crumbly shell (shortcrust pastry) that contains a heart of delicate cream based on lemon juice and lemon peles.


A small round pastry filled with cream and covered with chocolate sauce, usually served in a pile.


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